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Siding Testimonials
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Window Testimonials
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“Thank you for our new siding. Neighbors and friends have expressed their approval of it. I am excited to see the beauty of new spring growth against the Everglade color of our home. It is a beautiful backdrop for our evergreen as well.

When the wind blew at night, our old siding would rattle – keeping us awake at night. Now we sleep without being awakened. The sound of trains going by, about a half a mile away, is hardly noticed. One morning, I stepped out to pick up our paper and the train sounded so loud, but when I closed the door again, all I could hear was a dull rumble. We hardly notice the neighborhood dogs barking anymore.

We haven’t had time to see if there is a difference in our heating bill, but I have taken up sheets that I had next to the baseboards and I can tell there is not the draft I used to notice.

Ken, the man who did our siding, was conscientious and would let us know if and when he would be here. It was a pleasure to have him here.”

Erwin & Elda Mae Pohlmann
Lincoln, Nebraska









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