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Siding Testimonials
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Window Testimonials
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“Your slogan ‘New Home at the Old Address’ is certainly apt in our case. My neighbors came over and said, ‘it is as if your old house was removed overnight and a new one left in its stead.’ I pretended to not understand, because I wanted to hear the praise all over again. ‘The house is absolutely beautiful’ they continued, ‘and you have raised the value of our property, and we are sure the neighbors on the other side feel the same way.’ My husband and I are very proud of the ‘new look.’

I sleep better at night because the outside noise has been deadened. I can hardly feel or hear the trains anymore and there is a train passing through our town at least every 20 minutes. The house is only one and one-half blocks from the railroad tracks. I also find that the house does not have the ‘chill’ it used to have at night even though temperatures remain at about 30 degrees and the thermostat remains at 68 degrees.

My son had his windows changed out by
K-Designers, so when I told him that we wanted to get quotes on siding, he mentioned that K-Designers also did siding. I called because I had been the sitter for his house and was very impressed by K-Designers’ window products and the professionalism with which they were replaced.

Although this venture has been expensive, my husband and I are very pleased with the outcome. This letter would not be complete without our compliments on the quality of the work done by the group sent in from Sacramento. Thank you for a job well done.”

Fermin & Manuela Esquibel
Kingman, Arizona





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