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Siding Testimonials
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Window Testimonials
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Window testimonial“It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to thank you and your associates at K-Designers for the wonderful product that you brought to my home. The quality and performance of your America’s Dream Windows has far surpassed my expectations; furthermore, the professionalism of your sales representative and installation team, out of Sacramento, CA, was impressive.

Being the artist that I am, I consider my home to be a work in progress, a personal project that has been ongoing for about three years. I take great pride in the progress that I have made in that time and rarely bring in outside assistance, turning away many installation offers and opting to do it myself. However, on this particular occasion I was intrigued by the telephone offer and decided to allow your representative to demonstrate the product at my home.

He was very polite and extraordinarily patient with my barrage of questions. He was also very confident and knowledgeable about the performance and value of his product and expressed a sincere concern to meet the needs of my ongoing efforts to improve my home. It was sincerity and confidence in the product that convinced me to take on this addition to my home project.

The installation was prompt and conducted with great care. The installers were friendly and very considerate, taking the time to address all my concerns throughout the installation process. The installation team was confident about the process and swiftly completed the installation, attending to every detail.

I have to admit that the America’s Dream Windows are a welcome addition to my home, giving its appearance a, long anticipated, breath of life; the new windows have inspired me to move forward with my home improvement effort and begin work on the exterior of my home.

In addition to my aesthetic requirements, all of us in the Gallegos residence are overwhelmed by the comfort level that the America’s Dream Windows brought to our lives, my wife, Maggie, is especially impressed with the cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. As for me, silence is golden, after living across from an elementary school playground for 20 years, it seems like we moved to a new neighborhood.

Well, thanks again, and keep up the good work.”

Mark A. Gallegos, B.F.A.
Merced, California







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