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Siding Testimonials
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Window Testimonials
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“We have been considering replacing at least some of our windows for a while to make it warmer during the winter, when we received a call from your representative asking if we were interested. We were surprised, but said “yes” and Mr. Hewitt came to visit us. He didn’t rush us at all. After showing the sample of the windows and discussion, we determined that this would be a benefit to us.

We had wooden frames with double panes that rolled out, but wouldn’t roll in all the way and left us with cool air coming into the house, and periodically they need to be painted. We looked at the way your windows opened and closed and knew they would be warmer and easier for us to clean, because we can wash them from the inside and wouldn’t have to carry a ladder around the house. At our age it isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Frank says the biggest seller for him was the “wrap around trim” they put around the windows and door frames so that they don’t have to be painted all the time. They really look nice.

Our house is much warmer with the tight fitting windows and the furnace doesn’t come on as often. Also, I know the flied and bugs can’t get in as easy as they could with the old windows and doors. What a blessing that will be.

Yes, our relatives and friends ask us what makes your place look so different. We just point out the new windows and doors. Also, we are getting a lot of new houses in our neighborhood and now we can look almost as new and nice as the new houses being built.

We are happy with our new windows and doors and “yes” they are pretty expensive, but we expect them to last the rest of our life, or as long as we live here and we expect that to be several years yet.”

Frank & Thelma Kolodziej
Emmett, Idaho







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