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Siding Testimonials
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Window Testimonials
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“We were recently contacted by K-Designers to see if they could come and tell us about their window product. My first thoughts were to tell them that we were not interested, but then I thought of our patio door, which had a broken seal in it and the dust and rain had made dirty streaks down between the double windows. My husband, who has had a stroke, sits by those windows most of the day watching the birds and the neighborhood children playing on our trampoline. He needed to have a clearer vision. I had tucked this project, along with a poorly fitted front door, back in the corner of my brain to ‘someday’ have these both replaced. This large three-in-one room across the back of our home was always cold in the winter and hot in the summer and I had also wondered how to remedy this. I consented to at least hearing what
K-Designers had to offer.

The appointment was made and the company’s representative, Edward Nutt, came at the appointed time and gave us a very informative presentation. I liked the windows and also that we could do the back of the house and the front door at the present and, then at a later time, finish replacing the remainder of the windows, if we decided to do so, under the same lifetime warranty and pricing. Because of my husband’s health, all of decisions fall upon me and so I become a little hesitant in sometimes taking on such big financial challenges. Mr. Nutt was very kind to work this out with me and I do appreciate his answering all of my concerns in a very kind and patient way. We feel that this is a very good product and that we will be happy with it.

Even though the outside temperatures have been very mild since the installation, we have noticed that the windows do not get as cold at night or as hot when the sun shines on them in the morning as the old ones did. We think they are also attractive and those who have come to our home comment on how nice they look, especially our front door.

I do want to say that we were very impressed with the two young men who came to install the windows. They worked very fast and efficiently. They created a minimum amount of mess and cleaned up everything immediately as each phase was finished.    

I also appreciate becoming acquainted with Emily Romano who was so willing to go the extra mile in making sure that all the paper work was as it should be and that our satisfaction was met."

Meredith Wilhelmsen
Mapleton, Utah





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