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Siding Testimonials
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Window Testimonials
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Duff Before Photo

Duff After Photo

“I just want to thank you for your speedy installation of your dual pane windows.

My neighbors and family have commented on how nice the house looks. The house does indeed look like a new house.

I am enjoying the ease in opening and closing the windows. The house had the original metal sliding windows, which had become quite difficult for me to open them and close them. Now it is a pleasure to open and close the windows when letting in the cooler outside air, especially during the spring and summer months.

During the summer months I was amazed at how much cooler the house stayed throughout the day. Now that the days are cooler the house once heated, remains warm until the cool evening and night hours. Consequently, my utility bills are less because of my using the air conditioner and heater fewer hours per day.

The locking system on the windows is very good, which gives me a sense of security.

I was pleasantly surprised and amazed that your installers were completely finished by the end of the work day. I thought that the job would take more than one day to complete. Also, the installers were very considerate and helpful when I asked questions about the windows and/or installation process.

I really do feel like I have “A New Home at the Old Address.”

Christina Duff
Carmichael, California


“I wanted to write to express how grateful I am to K-Designers for giving my mother “A New Home at the Old Address!

I had seen some of the amazing before and after photos on your web site and recommended your company to my mother. My father had passed away several years ago and my mother has been trying to maintain a 4-bedroom home and 1.5 acre property by herself. It had become apparent, due to her advancing age and health that she would need to sell her home and property sometime in the near future. She had also indicated that her utility bills were very high and she wanted to do something about the rising cost. Her home was built in 1964 and still had the original aluminum windows. I knew that by simply replacing her old windows, she would experience a reduction in her air and heating bills. With all of this in mind, I suggested that she call K-Designers and set an appointment for have a representative come to her home and show her their America’s Dream Windows.

Since she is in her late 70s, I suggested that I meet with her and the representative. Jon Roskelley was very patient with my mother. He answered all of her questions and offered suggestions to her that would improve the overall appearance of the exterior of the home. My mother was very receptive to the idea of saving money and decided to go ahead and contract K-Designers to replace 11 windows and the patio door.

K-Designers schedule an installation crew to come out the following Thursday morning. I thought it would take them a couple of days to complete the job. My mother said the crew showed up right at 8:00 am. She was pleased that they were punctual. She called me to let me know they were there. I told her I would come by on my lunch hour to check on everything. I got to my mother’s house about 1:00 p.m. and they had installed all of the windows and were working on the patio door when I came. We had also contracted for some design work that would dress up the windows and they were working on the design part of the job while I was there. I was surprised at how diligent they were working.

Later that day, I came by after work to see what they had accomplished and I was totally amazed at what I saw. The house looked like a totally different house. The windows looked so nice and the design work was the perfect finish! The house is a sand color and the white windows made the house look freshly painted – even though it had been several years since it had been painted. For the design work, we had picked burgundy shutters with white headers and matching burgundy keystones. It looked so beautiful. I took pictures and emailed them to my siblings, who live out of town. They were all very pleased with the finished result. While I was there, my mother’s neighbor came by and commented on how great the house looked. “Now I need to do something to my house because your mom’s house looks so good!”

My Mother has indeed experienced significant reduction in her electric bills. She also mentioned that the windows are so easy to open, easy to clean and she feels more security with the locking system. The house faces the West and, in the afternoons, it used to be really warm in the front part of the house during the summer months. I have noticed how cooler the house is when I am there. Before the new windows, my mother used to keep the blinds closed all the time and it was always dark in the house. Now she leaves the blinds open and the house is bright and more cheerful.

We know that the windows have been a great investment for my mother, have saved her money and will be key to her being able to sale her home when the time comes. I would recommend K-Designers to anyone who is considering making improvements to their home. They were professional, courteous and went out of their way to make sure that every detail was taken care of.

Thank you so much for giving my mother “A New Home at the Old Address!

Beverly Duff-McGhee

Rancho Cordova, California




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