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Siding Testimonials
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Window Testimonials
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“For sometime we had dreamed of upgrading our duplex, where we live in one unit and our daughter in the other. Of special concern were the windows. The 2 apartments had an odd assortment of windows, from wood to aluminum frame, some with storm windows and others with double pane glass. Their appearance had much to be desired. Also, it was very hard to be comfortable, especially in cold windy weather, due to variations in temperature throughout the house, but primarily in the living room/dining room area.

In early January, we were able to see that dream begin to come true. With the help of a K-Designer representative, we were able to make arrangements to have 75% of the windows replaced, plus the front doors, with their custom-made products and service.  He carefully checked out our needs, and explained the options, advantages and quality of the products, and patiently answered our many questions and concerns. He even helped us work out financial arrangements that fit our situation. We were surprised at how much time he was with us making sure we understood how the project would go. By the end of that month, this initial project was complete.

Then in October, we again got together with a K-Designer representative and arranged to replace the other windows and doors. Both in January and again at this time, while they were custom making the windows, we had the opportunity to work through any additional details by phone about the financing and installation, and we always found their representatives very courteous, considerate and helpful.

In each case, we were scheduled to have the installation done within about a four-week period and they actually completed their work well within that time frame, even when they had to delay a couple days so their work would fit better into our schedule. The installers even worked with us as to where and when to install each item, so that we could get ready for them as they went along. We were impressed with the speed and professionalism with which they worked and they were pleasant and trustworthy people to have around.

We continue to be impressed and encouraged by the change the windows and doors have made to the duplex’s appearance and comfort. My wife says it is like living in a new house. Before, it was very hard to keep our apartment at a comfortable temperature, especially on hot or cold windy days. Now we sense a much more even temperature throughout the house. We don’t even notice when it is cold and windy. Also we notice a lot less, the normal neighborhood noise, especially like hammering and the big dog next door.

We appreciate K-Designers for their excellent and friendly service, and we would be happy to recommend them to friends and other interested parties.”

Paul & Mary Mullen
Portland, Oregon





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