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Siding Testimonials
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Window Testimonials
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“Our new windows are great! Your installer did a wonderful job. Todd showed up, started the job promptly, and did a very good job of installing them. He also cleaned up any mess he made and hauled away all the old windows and debris. When my wife saw the windows she was totally impressed. The windows all look larger than the original windows. Three of them are larger and the others are the same size but look larger. We really love them.
    Our niece Shelly and her husband and kids came to visit us last weekend and when I asked her what she thought of the windows, she said. “They are great. I noticed them when we drove in.” Everyone who has seen them really likes them.
    The gutters and the garage door opener are really nice too. I hated getting dripped on every time I went to the garage or when I came in the house. Our original gutters somehow managed to have joints that leaked right over the front door of the house and the door of the garage. Now we stay nice and dry when we stand and unlock the door. With the garage door opener I don’t have to shut the truck off, take the key and open the door, I just hit the button and the door miraculously opens so I can back up to the door, load or unload whatever it is that I am trying to get in the garage.
    The new windows made such a difference in the appearance of our home that I am inspired to redo the front porch and make it a little less ‘Red Neck'. I haven’t figured out just what I am going to do but I am going to do something to make it look a little more professional. The front porch was constructed on the cheap and it looks like it, however, that will change as soon as I figure out what to do with it.

Again, thank you for your fine work, courteous service and marvelous product. I will be glad to recommend your firm to anyone who asks or will stand long enough for me to tell them about it.”

Ross & Sandra Marjerison
Spanaway, Washington





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