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Walk-In Tub Installation for Homeowners in the Sacramento, San Francisco, Portland, Denver and Others.

Walk In TubK-Designers walk-In tubs, as the name implies, allow a user to open the side of the tub and allow a user to simply walk in instead of step over the side as a traditional tub requires. This method of entrance and exit was devised to enable easy use of the tub by older, injured or disabled persons. But they are no longer used by just these people because anyone can enjoy the sauna like extras (hydrotherapy and air therapy) that have been added over the years greatly expanding their popularity.

Walk-In tubs have a variety of features:

• Walk-In entrance/exit will reduce the risk of slipping and falling injuries
• Luxurious Hydrotherapeutic features
• Relaxing Air Therapy
• Small enough to replace a shower stall or tub
• Shower and tub combos allow multi-use of the tub

If you are interested in Walk-In tubs we can take you through all the options to get the exact tub that matches your needs. Call now for your free no obligation quote!





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